CivilizedPet.com is an important resource for pet owners and fills a void by providing recommendations for pet products from an expert. Dr. Schwartz, as a Board Certified Veterinarian, is highly qualified to make these recommendations. The sections on dog/cat food are especially helpful as consumers have so many choices many of which are not nutritionally complete. I highly recommend this website. Pet owners should check it out before purchasing products.

Carolyn Clegg, DVM
Boxford Animal Hospital
Boxford, Massachusetts

Dr. Stefanie Schwartz is a wonderful veterinary behaviorist whose expert guidance has been instrumental in saving many of my patients.  In addition to her own private practice, Dr. Schwartz has provided individual patient care for many years to veterinarians around the country where there may not be specialists like her. It is my pleasure to recommend CivilizedPet.com. The same thoughtful input that she provides for the mental health of every patient is evident in the products she has listed on this special web site. It is obvious she has hand-picked every item with the comfort, safety, health and well-being of your pet in mind. You can feel confident and comfortable knowing that a well-known expert like Dr. Stefanie Schwartz has given her stamp of approval.

Sonja Friedbauer DVM Royal Palm Veterinary Hospital Coral Springs, Florida

Wasting time and money is something we all hate.  Dr. Schwartz and CivilizedPet.com is the perfect solution.  The curated plethora of pet items makes providing the best for your pet easy.  No more frustration of trying to find just the right products that improve your pet’s enjoyment and quality of life.  Now you can spend more quality time with your furry family member thanks to Dr. Schwartz’s insights and the best pet products on CivilizedPet.com.

Bernadine Cruz, DVM Laguna Hills Animal Hospital Laguna Woods, California

When a board certified veterinary behaviorist makes a recommendation, you know that the products have been, excuse the pun, vetted.  Dr Schwartz helps make choosing the right resources for your pet’s behavioral needs very easy by identifying the tools that are best.  With all of the noise on the internet when it comes to product selection, credibility comes when decisions and suggestions are made with a pet’s and owner’s best interest at heart.  www.civiliizedpet.com should be the go to source for approved pet products.

Peter Weinstein, DVM, MBA
PAW Consulting
Cypress, CA


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