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AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Dog Bowl. Made of high-quality stainless steel, buy one or a set of two. Dishwasher safe and rust resistant. The wide no-tip bowls hold up to 38oz each for dry kibble, wet food, or fresh water. Great basic bowl.

Basis Pet Made in The USA Stainless Steel Dog Bowl. Sizes S, M, L, XL. Stainless steel have rounded inside corners to make it easier to eat canned or dry food and easier to clean. Dishwasher safe. Great for water, too. Single or 2 & 4 bowl set.

Loving Pets Bella Bowl. This bowl has a stainless steel interior with a resin exterior. It is decorative and dishwasher safe. Comes in 8 designs (pawprint, dragonfly, hearts, I Love My Dog, argyle…) and in sizes S, M, L. Fun and practical for your puppy love!

K&H Pet Products Thermal-Bowl The thermostatically controlled bowl has a 5.5′ steel wrapped abrasion resistant cord and electronics are safely sealed inside the bowl. Energy efficient, using only 25 watts. Keeps water from freezing, even at -20°F. Available in your choice of BPA free plastic in 3 colors or stainless steel choice (preferred). Easy to clean, just wipe with cloth inside and out.

Neater Feeder Brands Deluxe Dog Feeder Pet Brands Comes in S, M, L for dogs in 5 colors. The design helps to contains spills and splashes. Spilled water drains into the lower reservoir while spilled food stays off the floor, so it can be safety reused or easily discarded! Leg Extensions available (sold separately) to raise the bowl more. Stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe.

ProSelect Stainless Steel Puppy Feeder Dog Bowl. Smartly designed 14.5″ diamter bowl is for feeding puppy litters so they can eat without the stress of competing for a single large bowl. The raised center puts the food around the rim where it’s easier for puppies to reach. This way they won’t walk in the bowl and make a mess, or fall asleep in it.

PetFusion Elevated Dog Bowls Contemporary design premium anodized aluminum feeder (short 4″ or tall 8″) with stainless steel raised bowls. Anti-slip feet to keep in place and silicone insets to help stabilize bowl by minimizing spinning and clanging. Easy to clean and maintain.

Pawfect Pets Premium Elevated Feeder is made of durable and water resistant bamboo with skid safe bottom for a practical contemporary designer look. Includes 2 extra stainless steel bowls (4 stainless steel bowls total!) to wash and swap out as needed. Sizes S (4″), M (7″)andL (12″) .

Unleashed Life Stockholm Food & Water Bowl Elevated Stand. Simple and stylish, the metal stand is made of aluminum and iron, just wipe it clean.The stand has a polished white inset top. The bowls are stainless steel. Available in sizes S, M, L.

Petmate EZ Reach Diner Elevated Bowls reduce neck-strain. The stainless steel bowls are removable and dishwasher safe. Cute and pratical bone cutouts on both sides allow you to easily pick up and carry the stand. Available in sizes M and XL.

Flexzion Feeder Bowl Double Diner Feeding Station with Stand have durable plastic outer casing. One stainless steel bowl is 4.5″ and the other 5.5″ diameters for extra water or food. Comes in pretty turquoise, soft pink, white and black.

MidWest Homes for Pets Snap’y Fit Stainless Steel Food Bowl/Pet Bowl attaches to the crate / cage with two wing nuts. Healthy elevated eating and keeps the pet bowl from being knocked over. In 4 sizes; 10 oz. (1.25 cups), 20 oz. (2.5 cups), 1 qt. (4 cups), 2 qt. (8 cups) for dogs, cats, birds and other small animals. Stainless-steel bowl is dishwasher safe.

DogBuddy Silicone Dog Food Mat keeps splashes and crumbs contained with a 0.6″ lip and bowls from slip sliding away. Comes in 3 colors and in sizes S (19″ x 12″), L (24 x 16) or XXL (32 x 24),. Roll it up for storage or travel. Hand wash or dishwasher safe.


Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Dish encourages your pet to eat or drink at a slower pace to reduce excess air intake, leading to improved digestion and reducing the risk of bloat. The durable plastic dish is dishwasher safe and comes in a variety of sizes (XS, S, M, L) and colors.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl  extends meal time with its spirals, ridges and mazes to improve digestion. Comes in 5 colors and patterns in XS, S and L! Cute designs and budget friendly so you can get more than one! Alternate puzzle bowls to reduce irritation to muzzle in the same place


Animal Planet Slow Maze Feeder Pet Dog Bowl. This unique bowl design for small/medium-sized dogs (9″ blue) and large-sized (14″ beige) dogs has a maze-like structure to encourage slower eating and reduce bloat. It is made of plastic but still dishwasher safe with non-skid rubber grips.

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