Civilized Pet Tip: Confused about what brush is best for your pet? Of course you are, who wouldn’t be with so many options. Click here for tips on what is best for your pet’s coat and grooming challenges.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is a best seller that gently removes loose hair, tangles and knots. Fine wire bristles penetrate into the coat without scratching your pet’s skin! Button retracts the bristles into the brush to remove the hair. Comfortable no slip grip.

Hertzko Soft Bristle Pet Brush for dogs and cats has gentle plastic bristles with soft tips for a gentle brushing experience. Suitable for face and dogs with lighter coats. Ergonomic handle is soft and won’t slip.

JW Pet Company GripSoft Undercoat Rake Dog Brush is designed with a row of round tipped teeth to loosen light ly matted coats and lift out loose hair from the undercoat. Non slip ergonomic handle makes grooming more enjoyable for you both.

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool Constructed of poplar wood, the comb is designed with a unique, patented tooth pattern. Good for a variety of coats, but not for long, human like hair coat. Removes pet hair from furniture, vehicles, and beyond. Originally made for horses, it comes in 2.5″ and 5″ for cats and dogs. Made in the USA. Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

FURminator for Dogs Undercoat Deshedding Tool in sizes S->L. Removes loose undercoat hair for thick double coated dogs only. Push button release of removed hair. Moving in the direction of hair growth, use light pressure to angle the stainless steel teeth towards the coat then move your arm up and away from skin. Be careful near sensitive areas with less hair (tummy, legs, genitals). Discontinue use if any redness or irritation occurs. Money back guarantee.

Kong ZoomGroom. This soft rubber brush is a curry brush that is best used wet to work in shampoo while you bathe your dog. It removes loose hair and stimulates the skin and natural oil production for a healthy coat. Works well used dry for short coated breeds. Lightly massages while you brush, wet or dry. Available in raspberry pink or blue in S or L. Made in the USA.

Safari by Coastal Mat Remover with Stainless Steel Blades This tool features stainless steel blades to easily remove mats and tangles. Rakes will hurt as you pull through mats and with scissors you risk cutting your dog’s skin. This dematter is small so yu can work precisely on the problem mat.

Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush with Loop Handle removes loose, shedding hair. Handy for sudsing and cleaning at bath time. Recommended for short or smooth coated breeds. Remove mats or tangles with a comb or dematter first.  The loop handle is very comfortable and the brush fits nicely in your palm.

Hertzko Double Sided Pins and Bristle Brush This 2 in 1 brush is a basic tool for many pets. The bristles are soft and densely packed to brush off loose hair and dirt from the top coat, and the covered tip pin comb side detangles and conditions the undercoat. Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

The Bass Hybrid Groomer Dog Brush is a patented design that has natural boar bristles in the center and blunted alloy metal pins all around. Palm held brush comes in natural or striped bamboo. If you know your dog needs both bristles and pins, this hybrid may be a great tool to add to your brush collection.

Slicker Brush Dogs Pet Hair Remover with Rotating Head by Poodle Pet The head of the brush swivels into 8 locking positions to allow brushing from all angles. No slip rubber handle has a convenient hole for easy hook storage. Fine stainless steel pin wire bristles packed tightly together are topped with a plastic tip for comfort.

Bass Brushes Luxury Grade Natural Bristle Oval Pet Brush This beautiful line of pet brushes features 100% natural boar bristles in a beautiful oval natural bamboo handle in your choice of plain or striped finish. Firm bristles used with light pressure will fluff up your dog’s coat or remove loose hair in all coat types.

KylePet Dog Brush Double Sided Pet Slicker Brush with Bamboo Handle The metal bristle side is for working through tangles in the top long coat and the soft side is for ears and face or post bath. Rounded ends on the pin brush and an ergonomic bamboo handle. 100% money back warranty but can’t imagine why you’d want to return this beautiful brush.

Friends Forever 6 in 1 Professional Pet Grooming Kit Box includes professional grade Nail Clippers & File, Wire Dog Brush/Slicker Brush, Deshedding Tool, Dematting Comb, Undercoat Rake Pet Grooming Set Consists of All Essential Tools: Deshedding Brush, Grooming Brush, Dematting Comb, Grooming Comb and Nail Trimmer. Safely remove mats. Fluff, detangle and remove excess hair without hurting your pet. 100% guaranteed if not completely satisfied.

Horicon Pet Premium Interchangeable Dog Brush Set Detachable brush heads and tools are made with a patented locking design to fit the ergonomic handle. Includes a traditional Slicker Brush, Spring Comb with alternating long and short rotating pins, a 2 in 1 head (Ball Pin Brush with rounded tips and a PVC Bristle Brush on the other), Dematting Comb has stainless steel blades with deep curved edges to remove knots and tangles, and Deshedding Edge Comb. Drawstring bag for easy storage.

Pet Grooming Glove Enhanced Five Finger Design For Cats, Dogs, Bunnies and more, this glove gently imitates petting with your hand so your pet can relax and enjoy your time together. It’s great for bathing, too. Rubber nubs give a soft skin massage. The better your pet tolerates brushing the fewer mats and knots you will have to worry about. Adjustable wrist strap gently secures glove (one size fits all). Just peel away the hair from the glove when grooming is done. Comes in L or R handed glove.

HandsOn Gloves for Horses/Dogs/Cats/Small Pets Wet or Dry. Available in human sizes S -> L and junior, too. Nodules are longer on Fingers and rounded on the palms. Hair just shakes off the gloves. Massages and stimulates natural oils for healthy skin and coat. Gentle on legs, face, tummy and your hands stay clean with hook and loop closure. Comes as a pair of gloves in black, green or purple.

Andis Pet Steel Comb removes tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt. Fine teeth on one 1/2 and wider spaced teeth on the other for finishing and fluffing coats. 
Lightweight simple tool.

Safari Dog Flea Comb with Double Row of Teeth detect fleas easily. The double traps fleas so you can detect them early. You must remove tangles or mats first because the teeth are not meant for that. This is a great flea comb.

Double Sided Pet Comb and Flea Comb With Handle. This comb for small dogs, puppies, kittens & cats has a stainless steel grooming comb to remove tangles and the finer side helps retrieve fleas. This is not a flea treatment, but helps detect a flea problem.

Oster Tug-Free Tools Dog Comb Set with Dog Grooming Comb and Flea Comb Contemporary design comb features a natural wood handle and stainless steel teeth. Combs easily through coat without breaking. Detangle and remove mats before using the flea comb. For gentle use on all coat types

TickCheck Premium Tick Remover Kit includes stainless steel tick remover for embedded ticks, a specially shaped fine tip tweezer, leatherette pouch, and tick identification card of the most common US tick species. For humans or pets. Donations made to research on ticks and Lyme disease. Keep a tick kit in your first aid kit, glove compartment, or backpack.

Shiny Pet Dog Comb This popular pet comb has rounded teeth to keep pet grooming safe for your pet’s skin and the no slip rubberlike handle is comfortable for you, too. Teeth are tighter on one end than the other to help with knots and tangles.


WAHL Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit This quiet heavy duty electric dog clipper makes it easy to groom your dog at home for stress free grooming. Good for all coat types and all size dogs. Save time and money, do it yourself. Blades remain sharp for smooth grooming. If your dog has a hard time at the groomer’s, make it a pleasant experience at home. Made for US electrical outlets.

Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Dog Clipper & Grooming Kit The Deluxe U-Clip pet clipper and grooming kit is ideal to clip, trim, and groom fine to medium dog hair like Yorkies, Shih Tzu’s, Spaniels, and more. The 16-Piece kit includes 1 medium-duty clipper (8ft cord); standard blade adjustable to #30, #15, and #10; 7 plastic attachment guide combs; stainless steel scissors; finishing comb; instructional DVD, book; apron; blade guard; cleaning brush; blade oil.

WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Rechargeable Dog Grooming Clippers For all size pets, works best with S -> L breeds. Use for easy to groom dogs or for trimming & touchups between professional groomer visits. Cordless clipper has a 2-hour run time and quick charge for grooming on the go. Lithium battery is rechargeable for clipping power anywhere. Low-noise means less stress your dog will appreciate. Blades remain sharp for smooth grooming and pro quality cuts at home.

Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Electric Quiet Hair Clippers Set for Dogs Rechargeable dog trimmer with built-in Li-ion battery can also be used when charging so you don’t have to worry that it will stop working and have half groomed dog. Stainless steel fixed blade and ceramic moving blade. Detachable blades, easy to change and clean. Low vibration and ultra quiet design. Includes 4 guard combs (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm), grooming scissors and comb.

Bousnic Dog Clippers 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers Kit is another best selling pet grooming kit that includes everything you need to care for your pet’s coat: rechargeable cordless dog grooming clippers, 4 combs with different lengths, a cleaning brush, stainless steel scissors and comb, a USB cable. Built-in Li-ion battery charges with the USB cable. The digital battery indicator will let you know when the device is ready for use

Petslucent Professional Cordless Rechargeable Dog Clipper Kit. With its narrow head, perfect for grooming pets small size fashion hairstyles area. Trimming better for hair around claw, paws, eyes, ears, feet, hip, clipper can be charged either by power bank, computer, Usb adapter or any other power adapter, Charge time 4 hrs, run time 1 hr. Includes clipper, cleaning brush and oil, USB charging cable, user’s manual, stainless steel grooming comb. Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit for Dogs Quiet alternative to electric clippers for sensitive pets. In pink or blue, the kit includes . 17 pieces: (1) Safety Scissor, (1) Scissor, (7) Combs for cuts 1/2-1″, (2) Comb Organizers, Grooming Guide, and more. Watch their video for instructions.

Conair PRO Dog Round-Tip Scissors Grooming Shears comes in 5″, 6″ and 7″ lengths. Also available in a curved 7: length and in a hair texturizing scissors. The tips are rounded to prevent injury. soft-grip finger holes and built-in finger rests to make grooming more comfortable.

Pet Magasin Pet Grooming Scissors (Pack of 2)  2 pairs of scissors: 6.5″ long with smooth blades for trimming body fur, and a 6″ pair with micro-serrated blades for close work on your pet’s face and paws. Rounded tips for safety. Round-tipped scissors are safer to use especially close to the face and ears. Stainless steel and cushioned handles with finger rest for your comfort.


Epica #1 Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper features stainless steel blades for long-lasting sharpness. This size clipper best for medium and large breed toenails. Clipper locks closed for your safety. Rubber coated handles for comfortable, secure grip. Backed by a 100% Lifetime Warranty.

MF Large Dog Nail Clippers Orange Handled Precision Professional Grade Claw Care. Comfortable, non-slip handles; heavy-duty spring loaded action; stainless steel blades. Locks closed but no blad guide. Made in Italy. Used by many veterinarians and groomers.

Shiny Pet Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals sharp blades made out of stainless steel and an ergonomic handle made out of 100% recycled plastic lifetime money. Instructions available on their web site, but these are the easiest type of nail trimmer for cats and toy breeds. Lifetime guarantee.

H&H Pets Dog and Cat Nail Clippers Professional Small and Medium Breed Claw Clippers. These durable stainless steel claw clippers are for medium to large pets. It has a wider opening and longer blade edge than other smaller nail clippers to make pedicures easier. The scissor like design and rubber coated handles give you a comfortable grip. Detailed instruction is printed on the back of the package. 100% Lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

H&H Pets Dog and Cat Nail Clippers Professional XSmall and Small Breed Claw Clippers. These durable stainless clippers are for small pets. You can clearly see what you’re doing because the clipper is small so you can control each clip. Scissor like clippers with nonslip handles for a comfortable grip. Detailed instruction is printed on the back of the package. 100% Lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Resco Original Deluxe Large Dog Nail/Claw Clipper Resco invented the guillotine style nail trimmer in 1937 and has proudly manufactured them in the USA ever since. Patented blade replacement for a fraction of the cost of a new trimmer. Comes in 3 sizes. You need to have strong hands for this type of clipper for use on medium or large dogs. A longtime favorite for many professionals and pet parents alike.

Dremel Pet Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool. This rotary tool is a pet nail groomer and grinder that offers a safe, effective, less stressful alternative to using clippers on your dogs nails. Material: High Density Plastic. Requires 4.8V NiCAD battery for a 3 hr charge. Two rotation speeds to carefully grind your dog’s nails in stages.

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder 2-Speed Rechargeable Cordless Pet Nail Trimmer. The diamond bit grinder to deliver the safest, most comfortable pet claw grinding. Advanced 2-Speed Switch & 3 Grinding Ports to match small, medium, or large pets. Low noise & vibration to keep pets calm and help sand pets claws faster. Built-in battery that lasts 2 hours after a 3-hour charge. 

Dremel Pawcontrol 7760-PGK Cordless Pet Nail Grinder Trimmer for Dogs has a 4-volt Lithium-Ion battery and convenient USB charger. Features a nail guide to help get the right angle on your dog’s toenail. Variable speed slide switch allows for precise control and grooming speed for your pet’s size and nail thickness.


Civilized Choice Tip: Most dogs are overgroomed. Marketing from pet groomers would have you believe that your dog should be groomed at least once a month. However, dogs are not people and their normal skin balance of oils and healthy microbes is upset by frequent bathing. Frequent bathing predisposes dogs to body odor, skin infections, ear infections, and even bladder infections. Most dog breeds only need brushing to remove shedding hair and stimulate oils. Breeds that require more grooming can be groomed or clipped without a bath (dry grooming) at the grooming salon. Unless a veterinarian recommends that your dog be bathed for medical reasons, most dogs will do best with a bath 2-6 times a year (depending on their activity and coat quality). After a day running on the beach or in mud, just rinse them off without shampoo. Dogs can develop allergies to shampoos, even those described as hypoallergenic. Of course, if your dog rolls in something gross, fill up the tub!

Colloidal Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Pure Lavender Essential Oils for dogs & puppies contains oatmeal, lavender oil and jojoba oil, but ingredients listed at the end means the lowest component. Lavender oil has a calming effect and smells nice, but there’s no evidence that it will make bathing easier. This is a best selling shampoo that smells nice and does the job. Made in the USA.

Pro Pet Works All Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo + Conditioner for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals. This leading pet shampoo has a nice cherry almond scent. Soap free formula contains organic aloe extracts, almond oil and vitamins A, D & E that won’t irritate your pet’s eyes, nose or skin. Makes for a soft, easy to brush coat. Made in the USA.

Bayer HyLyt Soap-Free Cleansing and Moisturizing Shampoo for Pets is a coconut scented formulation that cleanses and moisturizes the skin and washes away environmental allergens like any other shampoo. However, it is soap-free and so won’t strip away the skin’s natural protective oils, which can then leave a pet’s coat dry and irritated. Bayer is a huge pharmaceutical company in human and veterinary medicine.

Warren London Magic White Brightening Dog Shampoo. Soap free formula brightens all coat colors, especially for white dogs. Contains almond Oil and Vitamin E. Nice cherry scent. Made in the USA.

Wahl Odor Control Eucalyptus & Spearmint Shampoo for Dogs & Pets. This pet shampoo is pH balanced, alcohol free, paraben free, PEG-80 free. Deep cleans and deodorizes while conditioning the skin. The eucalyptus & spearmint scented pet shampoo must feel good to your dog, and has a thick lather with a small amount of shampoo compared to others.

Earthbath All Natural Green Tea & Awapuhi Pet Shampoo. This pH-balanced, soap-free shampoo contains aloe vera, shea butter, green tea extract and other natural ingredients to nourish skin. Replenishes skin’s nutrients with a fresh, natural scent. This link is for a 2 pack, but many shampoo choices (mango, oatmeal…) so follow the link!

Curaseb Antifungal & Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Shampoo for Dog & Cats. Active ingredients are chlorhexidine and ketoconazole. This medicated shampoo may treat a range of skin problems, but your veterinarian should evaluate your pet’s skin and coat problems to make the best recommendation.

Vetoquinol Universal Medicated Shampoo for Dogs, Cats and Horses. Gentle degreasing shampoo for itchy inflamed skin. Medicated pet shampoo may be used as an adjunctive therapy for many common skin conditions. Active ingredients include Salicylic Acid. Vetoquinol is a trusted veterinary pharmaceutical company based in France.

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseborrheic Medicated Shampoo for Dogs. Contains coal tar, salicylic acid, and micronized sulfur to treat skin scaling caused by seborrhea, relieves inflammation caused by mange and other parasitic infections. Colloidal oatmeal and allantoin hydrate skin and promote healing.
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