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Civilized Choice Tip: Dogs need to chew (gnaw) to promote healthy teeth and gums, keep their jaw muscles strong, and to relieve anxiety. Gnawing is occupational therapy for dogs, and is an important part of their normal daily routine when they are young and throughout their lives. For suggestions regarding chew treats, please click here. A busy mouth is a happy mouth!

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews. (30 pack) Tailored to the size of your dog, these beef rawhide strips have an exclusive Dual Enzyme System and abrasive texture to reduce plaque and tartar. Made in Mexico, size Small, Medium, Large and XLarge (pick size by your dog’s weight/size and chewing style). Virbac is a leader in veterinary dental products.

Pet Factory American Beefhide 5″ Munchy Rolls for Dogs (100 Pack). Granulated rawhide crumbles more easily for puppies, small dogs and seniors, but still fights plaque and makes them so happy. Chicken flavored sticks in a resealable bag. Made from American rawhide processed in Mexico; inspected and packaged in the USA.

Pet Factory American Beefhide Chips Made in the USA from American raised cattle to satisfy your dog’s important basic need to chew. Natural, no bleach or other chemicals, made pet loving people for your dog. Offer one between walks or at bedtime, for example, to refocus and relax.

Gobble! 6″ Turkey Tendon for Dogs 6 oz. (170g) Resealable Bag contains dehydrated turkey tendons, so no need for preservatives. Nice alternative for dogs sensitive to beef. Turkey tendon ‘sticks’ are high protein (70%) treats so balance food intake to prevent weight gain. Sourced, processed and packaged in the USA.

The Pet Factory American Beefhide 5″ Twist Sticks are made only with beef rawhide from American-raised and grass-fed cattle. The beefhides are assembled in Mexico in our pristine facilities and then shipped to the USA where they are thoroughly inspected and carefully packaged.

The Pet Factory American Beefhide 5″ Rawhide Chews Twist Sticks Chicken Flavor are made from US beef but assembled in pristine Mexican based factories then shipped back to the USA to pass USDA and other inspections prior to packaging.

Jack&Pup Premium Jumbo Thick Bully Sticks are for dogs who can handle thicker bully sticks. These jumbo 6″ treats are sourced from grass fed, free range cattle in Brazil. No added hormones or antibiotics. USDA Certified and Inspected facility.

Best Bully Sticks are made in the USA. Available in 12″ length (25 pack) for serious chewers and 6″ bully sticks, too. No chemicals, natural product in a resealable bag. These are best selling quality products by an American company.

Natural Farm Pet Bully Sticks (25 pack of 6″ sticks) Sourced from a single supplier, Natural Farm Pet bully sticks come in several thicknesses. Made in Brazil with strict USDA and FDA quality guidelines.

Nature Gnaws Bully Stick Springs are made from grass fed cattle in Argentina and Peru, packaged and inspected in the USA. These are corkscrew shape and are thinner than regular bully sticks, but are still a natural product with nothing artificial. Available in a bag of 6 or 12, or a box of 25.

Pet Factory American Beefhide 5″ Rolls. (Pack of 22) These Beefhide Rolls contain no artificial ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives. Quality rawhide rolls made in the USA to promote your dog’s oral and behavioral health. Plain or Assortment of Chicken and Beef Rolls.

Zuke’s Z-Bone With Apples regular dental chews. 2 packs of 8 chewy potato based treats each for dogs 25-60lbs (size Regular). Vegan chews feature apple, spinach and herbs with parsley, alfalfa and fennel to help support a clean mouth and fresh breath. NO wheat gluten, corn starch. Contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants,

Zuke’s Z-Bone Dental Chew Dog Treats, Carrot, Large, 2 packs. These great vegan chew treats are loaded with healthy peas, carrots, pumpkin and herbs These vegan dental treats (great for pups with allergies) keep your dog’s breath fresh and have NO wheat gluten, cornstarch or synthetic chlorophyll, with added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Zuke’s Z-Bone With Carrots Regular Dental Chews. 2 packs of 8 vegan chew treats. Each tasty dental chew is loaded with healthy peas, carrots, pumpkin and herbs to help keep your dog’s breath fresh. These vegan dental treats for dogs are made without wheat gluten, cornstarch or synthetic chlorophyll. Regular size for dogs weighing 25-60lbs.

Zuke’s Z-Bone Dental Chew Dog Treats, Carrot, Mini. 2 packs of 18 treats each chewy vegan treat is made with healthy peas, carrots, pumpkin and herbs for wholesome goodness within each and every bite, and the combination of parsley, alfalfa and fennel to polish your dog’s teeth and maintain healthy gums. NO wheat gluten, cornstarch or synthetic chlorophyll. For dogs 20-25lbs.

V-dog Vegan Dog Sweet Potato Broccoli Treats with Superfoods 100% vegan dog chew treats are made with sweet potato, chia seed, broccoli and parsley. Real cinnamon fresh breath. NO animal products, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Dairy or anything fake. Made in the USA.

V-dog Vegan Organic Blueberry Wiggle Biscuits (approximately 100 dog treats per bag)
Crunchy, 100% vegan dog treats USDA organic blueberries, coconut oil, kale and flax seed. NO Animal Products, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Dairy and proudly made by Californians in the USA

BRUTUS & BARNABY Dehydrated Sweet Potato Dog Treats contain NO fat or added sugar. Thick cut slices have natural fiber in the potato skin, but are easily cut or torn into smaller strips or chunks for younger pups or seniors. Product of the USA.

Old Mother Hubbard Mother’s Solutions Natural Dog Treats Minty Fresh Breath Recipe are formulated with spearmint, parsley and fennel to help freshen bad dog breath. Keep in mind that bad breath is often a sign of dental or gum disease, or some other illness, so your pet needs to be seen by your veterinarian.

Old Mother Hubbard Mother’s Solutions Natural Dog Treats Tartar Control 20oz bag (1.3lbs) These are formulated with baking soda and cranberry fiber to help reduce tartar build-up, help with teeth cleaning and dental care and maintain healthy teeth and gums. 

Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Natural Dog Treats CharTar Recipe are all natural dog bone shaped dog biscuits contain charcoal to absorb mouth odors and made oatmeal, eggs, apples and carrots. Remember, don’t just mask odors, make sure your dog doesn’t require veterinary care! 20oz bag

Greenies Original Dog Dental Chews Dog Treats feature a chewy texture that helps reduce plaque and tartar. Some added vitamins. Try Greenies for Aging Care (Seniors), Weight Management, Puppy (for puppies 6 months and up), Grain Free (pea flour instead of wheat flour), Fresh (spearmint). and Blueberry Flavor. They also have Teenie Size (5-15 lb Dogs) , Petite Size (15-25 lb Dogs) , Original Size (25-50 lb Dogs)
Large Size (50-100 lb Dogs), Weight Management.

Greenies Breath Buster Bites are under 15 calories each, but remember calories add up quickly Treats are best used to reward behaviors your dog still hasn’t mastered yet. They recommend “frequent” treats, go easy with that. In 3 grain free flavors (Mint, Crisp Apple, Chicken Parsley). The Variety Pack Bundle includes a free collapsible dog bowl. Bad breath can be a sign of dental decay or gum disease; please seek the advice of a veterinarian.

EcoKind Pet Treats Himalayan Gold Yak Dog Chews are an ancient Himalayan recipe from Nepal. Made from yak and cow milk processed to remove Lactose. Bag contains 4 large pieces (6-8″ x 1-2″). High calorie and expensive, but delicious. Available in 1lb or 5lb bags, but also sold as single Yak chew so try just one in case your dog’s tummy gets upset. Imported from Nepal (but not a meat product), USDA inspected.

Best Bully Sticks Prime Thick-Cut Cow Ear Chews (12 Pack) Cow ears are naturally very thin rawhide. These are minimally processed products that are never bleached or chemically treated. They are naturally low in fat. Made in Brazil with no hormones, inspected by the USDA.

Better Than Ears Dog Treats. Sold as an alternative to rawhide, these smoky bacon flavor treats are made from corn and soy flour, wheat bran, cheese powder, and corn oil. They contain artificial color and preservative, but 50% less calories than real pig ears, which are expensive and are recalled often.

Best Bully Sticks Premium Beef Trachea Dog Chews are made from cartilage with thin muscle. High in glucosamine/chondroitin for healthy joints and good for teeth. Rawhide alternative. Sizes 3″, 6″ or 12″ long. Try smaller ones first to ensure your dog can digest novel protein. Made in Brazil.

Powerpet Beef Jerky Twist Naturally dehydrated beef esophagus, no artificial flavors or colors. Made in Mexico from USA raised beef. These are not the same jerky treats made elsewhere. Pack of 12 at a reasonable price.

123 Treats – Beef Dog Treats Esophagus (6″ 25 Count) Slow baked beef esophagus made without chemicals, artificial flavors, additives, preservatives or colors. It’s made in Brazil from Brazilian cattle.

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