Living World Deluxe Habitat provides a balcony with a full wire cage with plastic bottom, access ramp, tip proof food dish, a drip proof water bottle, and hay guard. No tools required; easy assembly. Comes in Standard, Large and X-Large. Great for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets and Chinchillas.

Kennel-Aire “A Frame Bunny House is made of strong metal wire & has a slide-out plastic pan for easy cleaning. Also accommodates guinea pigs, hedgehogs & other small animals. Easy to assemble.heavy-duty caster wheels for easy movement & placement around your home. Rabbit enclosure also features top & front doors for easy access.

PawHut Outdoor Triangular Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch/Guinea Pig House with Run is made of cedar wood and powder coated steel wire. Screened walls for ventilation indoors or out with 2 easy to open doors (they lock closed). Sits directly on grass, no tray for indoor use. If used outdoors, provide additional shade and protection from the elements. Small critters may chew wood.

MidWest Life Stages 30″ Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate has a divider panel to adjust the size of the crate (or separate 2 bunnies), a plastic leak-proof pan for easy clean-up, carrying handle & rubber “roller” feet on the bottom of the crate to protect your floors. Patented side clips to reinforce the crate and double latches on each door. Also comes in 22″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″ and 48″ sizes. Secure and easy to clean.

AmazonBasics Single-Door & Double-Door Folding Metal Dog or Pet Crate Kennel with Tray Single front entry or double door designs. Door has 2 secure slide-bolt door latches. Folds flat for easy storage/portability. Optional divider panel and removable plastic pan included.
Available in 22″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″ and 48″ sizes. Bigger is better for easier cleaning and to give small critters more breathing room.

SONGMICS TWO-Story Bunny Fence Kennel and Playpen includes non-slip mats to protect flooring, zip-ties and rubber mallet for secure and easy assembly. Rounded edges protect hedgehogs, hamsters, guinea pigs. Black wire spacing is 1.7”; make sure your pet can’t squeeze head or body through before purchase. Note: There is no floor pan with this model.

New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen unfolds without assembly or tools. Can be configured as circle or square or any shape in between. Durable black coated wire; openings are 2″ x 3″ so consider if your pet can squeeze through before purchase. Available in 5 different heights (24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″) but make sure your litter friend is not a jumper.

MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit provides maximum comfort for rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small animals. Assembles easily without tools. Removable hay feeder, water bottle, and feeding bowl. Elevated feeding area creates a privacy space underneath. Durable coated wire top has 1″ mesh spacing. Full-width side door lifts and rests overhead and a large top door, for easy access and cleaning. Sold separately are 2 optional extensions: wire litter and nesting area, and add-on wood hutch.

Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage sets up easily in seconds with no tools or connecting pieces needed for assembly. It features unique slide-latches on the large top and front door openings for one-handed operation. Black coated wire is durable and cleans well. Floor pan slides out lengthwise without opening door. Folds flat for travel/storage.


Civilized Pet Tip: At least once per week, remove all bedding and wash your small pet’s enclosure with a mild soap solution. Rinse with clean water to ensure the removal of any soap residue. The frequency of cleaning depends on the size of your pet, size of their habitat and how many animals are housed together. Pets can get sick from dirty living conditions, for example, ammonia from urine soaked bedding will cause respiratory illness. Civilized Pets need a clean, happy home.

Kaytee kay-kob Bedding and Litter is a natural corn cob product, specially processed to eliminate dust and wood debris found in other brands. 99.9% dust free and made in the USA.

SunGrow Seagrass Rabbit Mat can be used as a bedding or as a chewable toy. Beautifully hand-woven natural seagrass fibers making it safe for your pet’s feet and for munching. It is small 12″ x 12″ so you may need a few depending on the space you want to cover.

OXBOW Pet Products Timothy Mat is made of 100% timothy hay selected and woven by hand. No chemical, thread or wires. Can be rinsed in water, then dry in sunlight. Soft on their tiny toes, 100% edible, and good mental stimulation. 7.7″ x 10.6″ from Vietnam.

EZwhelp Washable Whelping & Puppy Pad is designed to pull and hold fluids from the top into the middle soaker layer. Top surface and soaker are bias-bound to a waterproof barrier for 3 layer protection. Machine wash. Use brown side up for Small Rodent/Animal Cages (guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, birds, etc.). Can be folded for extra absorption. Also available in square, circle and many rectangular sizes.

Kaytee Soft Granule Blend Bedding for Cages is made from wood fibers that are converted into a soft, highly absorbent bedding and litter. Safe for consumption and 99.9% dust free. Comes in Original, Lavender and Orange scent. Proudly made in the USA.

Carefresh Small Pet Bedding. Made from reclaimed natural paper fiber is a pillowy soft bedding for guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, chinchillas and more. Good for your pet and the planet. Buy in bulk, save money 4 pack.


Civilized Pet Tip: We know that many small mammals like to chew on wooden toys, and there are some that are quite popular. However, we are concerned about wooden toys as choking or splintering hazards when consumed by your little friends and have chosen not to include them in our listing. Please refer to the Toys as well as the Treat sections for safer alternatives to hard wood toys.

Living World Teach N Treat Toy
is a puzzle toy for small pets such as rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs and rats. It’s a foraging activity to keep them active. Has 3 different levels of configuration to challenge and entertain your small pet.

Niteangel Foldable Crinkle Play Tunnel with Three Ball Toys Durable easy to clean plastic tunnel is 5.9″ across. Fits guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, chinchillas, dwarf or young rabbits and other small animals. Not for big bunnies! Tunnel stretches to 31.5″, makes a crackling sound when your pet is inside. Comes with 3 x 2.6″ balls (grass twine, twigs). Purple, pink or blue.

SunGrow Rabbit Teeth Coconut Fiber Ball (2.5-3″) Fibers and twine are 100% natural and contain no other additives, dyes or chemicals. The ball is lightweight for smaller mammals to play with or even carry around. As with other toys, some loved it others ignored. Some bunnies shredded it in just a few minutes, but they had fun doing it!

SunGrow Natural Seagrass Ball (2.5-3″) is made with natural seagrass and twine. For cats, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and birds to roll around, bounce and play fetch with. Safe to chew and a good foraging toy.

Niteangel Treat Ball Snack Ball is an adjustable-opening treat ball, that is a great boredom buster for guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, hedgehogs, and other small pets. Your choice of blue or yellow, of set of 2.

PINVNBY Small Animal Activity Toy 4-Pack of 3″ handwoven balls made from natural seagrass, water hyacinth and rattan, 100% natural material, no chemicals for guinea pigs, bunnies and other small animals, to roll around and chew! Bunnies may go through these in a day, but they’re meant to enjoy not preserve for eternity right?!

Hamiledyi Chew Ball Timothy Grass Chew Toys (3 pack) is made from handwoven natural Timothy Grass. Twine is used to tie it together to form a tight, 3″ all natural pet toy for Bunny Rabbits Hamster Guinea Pigs Gerbils.


Civilized Pet Tip: Most of the treats shown here are appropriate for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, mice, hedgehogs, squirrels…each pet is an individual, and they will have individual preference for what and how they like to play with or chew on. Try new things and watch the magic happen (or not!). Remember, treats are meant to be enjoyed, not preserved for eternity!

ULIGOTA Timothy Hay Chew Sticks Pet Chew Treats made from pulverized timothy grass grown on the Canadian plains. recompressed timothy stimulates chewing for healthy molars and an appropriate edible chew toy for all small mammals. Meashures 4.7″ L x 0.6″ wide.

Vitakraft Carrot Slims Treats for Rabbits is made with wheat and corn flour, soybean meal and carrots with added vitamins and minerals. No artificial flavors, preservatives, or added sugarA nice crunchy treat to provide appropriate chewing and extra nutrients. Also in Alfalfa flavor. Made in the USA.

Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Treat Apple
4 oz is a nutritious treat for dental conditioning, some vitamin and mineral supplement, and satisfies a small animal’s natural need to chew. High fiber of timothy grass hay. Also available Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Carrot Treats

eCOTRITION Snak Shak Rabbit, Guinea Pig & Chinchilla Original Treat Stuffers are stuffed with fresh alfalfa and an irresistible seed blend, hard on the outside and soft inside. Made of seeds, nuts, vegetables and grains with added vitamins and minerals. For rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas and 100% edible.

BWOGUE Pet Snacks Sweet Bamboo Chew Toy for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchilla, Hamster, Rats (100g, About 10-14 sticks by weight) is 100% natural bamboo sticks. Highly rated by pet parents and little critters alike, the bag is resealable. Made in China, lots of bamboo there!

Hamiledyi Chew Toy Lava Teeth Grinding Square Calcium Mineral Stone for Hamsters Chinchillas and Rabbits (Pack of 10) measures 5.9 x 4 x 3.9″ almost square is to provide a safe surface to wear down their incisors which can get dangerously long to prevent feeding and can cause serious injury.

FLOURITHING All Natural Apple Branch, Timothy Stick, Sweet Bamboo Chew Sticks. Variety pack of 100, 300 or 600g lengths between 4-5″. Bag is resealable, store in cool dry place. Nice way to try a variety of chews for new pets or those you know like variety!

Kathson Bunny Chew Toys for Teeth Grinding Organic Bamboo Sticks Natural Toys (2 Pack, 7″ long each, 6 alfalfa hay cakes and 7 bamboo sticks) handmade from natural sweet bamboo and alfalfa hay. Dried bamboo sticks are chewy; the alfalfa cakes provide fiber. Chewing relieves stress and provides activity for our bunnies, chinchillas, rats, guinea pigs, squirrels, gerbils and other rodents.

Kaytee Timothy Hay Blend Cubes are compressed blocks of nutritious sun-cured timothy hay and sun-cured alfalfa hay that are ideal as a natural treat and source of fiber. Use as occasional treat only.

Oxbow Critical Care Apple/Banana Pet Supplement for herbivores including bunnies, guinea pigs, tortoises and more. Calling it ‘critical care’ is misleading because it isn’t. Powdered supplement, add water. Highly rated by pet parents and palatable for old or ill pets who may be poor eaters. Consult your veterinarian if your furbaby isn’t eating well. 1lb bag


Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Juvenile Rabbit Food contains probiotics and prebiotics to support digestive health. Higher protein for growing baby bunnies, natural antioxidants for general health and immune support plus contains some larger, more crunchy pieces to promote natural chewing for dental health. Comes in resealable 5lb bag.

Oxbow Essentials Young Rabbit Food is a high in fibre, high in protein complete feed for
juvenile rabbits. Contains Alfalfa Hay for a bunny’s rapid growth phase. After age 6-7 months switch to timothy hay; alfalfa hay is too high in calcium (predisposes to urinary bladder and kidney crystals) and energy (weight gain) for adults. 5lb bag.

Kaytee Alfalfa Cubes (2 bags of 15-oz each) are compressed blocks of nutritious sun-cured alfalfa. For baby bunnies during their rapid growth phase (until 6 months old) these are high in fiber and calcium to compliment timothy hay based diets. Not recommended as daily diet for adult bunnies. Made in the USA.

Kaytee Fiesta Rabbit Food premium blend of fruits, vegetables, seeds, high fiber hay, healthful whole grains, and fruit.
DHA and Omega-3 for healthy heart, brain and eye function. Prebiotics and probiotics for digestive health. Made in the USA. Available in 3.5, 6.5 and 20lb bag.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Rabbit Food is rich in natural antioxidants for general health and immune support plus contains some larger, more crunchy pieces to support dental health through natural chewing activity. Made in the USA in 5 and 10lb bags.

Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Pellets (9.5lb bag)are all natural timothy hay pellets. High fiber, no added sugar for dental health and happy tummies. Get a combo bag of Timothy pellets with lovely fresh hay with Kaytee Timothy 2 in 1 Digestive Support.

Oxbow Garden Select Fortified Food for Rabbits has a selection of garden ingredients such as whole yellow pea, tomato, rosemary, and thyme, Timothy Grass, Oat Grass, Orchard Grass, Whole Barley, and enriched for vitamins and minerals. Consider this a supplement for special occasions. It is expensive but they will love it.

Kaytee Supreme Rabbit Food is a high- quality mix that contains all of the natural protein, fiber, oils and nutrients of whole grains. Natural seeds, grains and pellets provide your small pet with a simple healthy diet. Comes in 5, 10, 25, 50lb resealable bags. Made in the USA.

Kaytee Timothy Hay (27lb bag))  is hand selected to ensure the long fiber strands and proper leaf to stem ratio to support digestive health. Recommended for adults over 7 months of age because it is higher in fiber to support digestive health and lower in protein and calcium than alfalfa hay to support urinary health.

Kaytee Food from The Wild Rabbit Premium Pellets with a medley of Timothy Hay, carrot, marigold, rose petal, and spinach. No added sugar, fillers, or artificial preservatives. 4lb bag, made in the USA for 150 years.

Kaytee Timothy Hay for Rabbits & Small Animals, Assorted Flavors (24 oz Bag) is a special blend of timothy hay and your choice of carrot, mango, cranberry or marigold. It’s a nice way to offer special variety to your little sweetie’s diet.

Oxbow Animal Health Bunny Basics Essentials Adult Rabbit Pet Food. Pellets made of timothy hay, soybean meal, molasses (4th ingredient). It is popular but pricey and high in calorie; we include it here as a special treat. Comes in 5, 10, 25 lb bag options.


Kaytee Food Dispensers Combo Feeder is made of a plastic and wood composite material and secures to the side of the cage. Ideal for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs or other small animals. Has a compartment for hay and a separate compartment for food. Keeps food and hay fresh and clean. Assorted colors.

CalPalmy Hand Crafted Edible Large Grass House for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Small Animals Measuring 14” x 11” x 10”, it’s big enough for adult rabbit. Extra grass string provided to secure walls safely. Keep flat and folded for use as a mat. Safe natural surface they can nibble on, too.

CalPalmy Food and Water Bowl (2-Pack) for Rabbit/Guinea Pig/Chinchilla. No tool required, the screw style mount holds itself strong and allows you to place it anywhere your little animal prefers. Non-toxic, BPA free plastic.

Lixit Original Super Seal Water Bottle for Rabbits and Other Small Animals is 8oz designed for indoor and outdoor use. BPA free. Two-piece tube and stopper design, no washers to lose. Secures safely to the outside of the cage so plastic can’t be chewed. Made in the USA. We recommend stainless steel drinking tubes that can’t be chewed and easily cleaned.

Lixit Glass Tube Water Bottle easily attaches to wire cages with mounting hardware, quickly removed for refilling and cleaning. Comes in several sizes to accommodate your the size and number of your thirsty pets. Stainless steel drinking tube and non-toxic USDA-approved rubber stopper

Lixit 32 oz Water Bottles for Rabbits is perfect for Rabbits, Ferrets, and other Small Animals. Fill to the top and tighten cap. Expect some dripping until vacuum is formed when turned upside down. Bottles are transparent and tinted in assorted neon colors that will brighten up the cage. BPA free.
Made in the USA

Lixit All-Weather Rabbit Water Bottle 64oz Made of durable BPA free, weather-resistant plastic. For indoor and outdoor cages. Stainless steel ball-bearing design to stop dripping when a vacuum develops after your pet drinks from the spout. Made in the USA by adults with disabilities.

Lixit Top Fill Water Bottles for Rabbits, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Chinchillas and Other Small Animals. Flip-top lid makes cleaning easy; refill without removing from cage. Clip on stainless steel spring. Mount either inside or outside the cage. Stainless steel drinking tube and patented, no-drip ball valve prevent leaks. BPA-free plastic. 16, 32 or 44oz bottle.

Lixit Animal Care Rabbit Gravity Feeder Waterer, 48oz is perfect for rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, or sugar gliders. Reversible base for water or food, simply unscrew the reservoir and flip the base over