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Civilized Pet Tips: Some doggies take a little time to learn that your house is not their toilet (please do take them outside frequently and praise them for voiding outdoors!). Some have incontinence problems or other physical/medical challenges. And some are determined to mark their territory by leaving their scent on your nice furnishings. Belly or stud bands and panties for girl dogs can be a short term or long term solution. For additional protection and to reduce laundry, you can place ladies’ sanitary pads or pantiliners (depending on the size of your pup) or men’s bladder pads as additional liners against your dog’s skin. We love our dogs, but we love our homes, too. With belly bands and panties you can love both!

CuteBone Dog Belly Bands for Male Dogs Wraps Washable Doggie Diapers Many very cute designs to choose from, each package has 3 cute designs. Well made with quality fabric, they stand up to frequent washing and everyday use. In sizes XS -> L, compare your dog’s belly measurement with their size chart.

Pet Magasin Male Dog Belly Manner Band Wraps Nappies (3 Pack) are machine wash & dry, soft absorbent stud bands. Absorbent layers and strong Velcro closure. Comes in 3 sizes for small to big dogs; please refer to their size chart with your dog’s belly circumference in mind.

vecomfy Premium Puppy Diapers Belly Bands for Male Dogs 5 Pack come in your choice of solid color pack of 5 or a pack of 5 in red/yellow shades. Available in sizes XS -> XXL (check their size chart). Washable reusable very popular and highly rated. Also available in 4 packs with more patterns.

Vet’s Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Dog Diapers have gathered edges and fur-safe, reposition the fasteners for the best fit every time. Color changes when the pad is wet to help keep your boy dry and comfortable. Sizes S->L packs of 12 pads. Size L goes up to 33″ waist; measure your dog’s waist and see the size chart.

Paw Inspired Disposable Male Dog Wraps Belly Bands (3 packs of 12 pads each or single pack of 12) provide quality absorbent materials and leak protection for your fur baby. Absorbent, comfortable secure fit, and gathered leak proof edges. Great for short term use but we recommend more eco-friendly washable reusable belly bands if possible.

Amazon Basics Male Dog Diaper Wrap come in sizes XS -> L. Color-changing wetness indicator lets you know at a glance when diaper is wet
Repositionable fur-friendly fasteners ensure a secure, comfortable fit. Budget friendly best selling packs of 30.

vecomfy Washable Dog Diapers for Female Dogs(4 Pack) have elastic at the waist and around the tail hole. Absorbant layers, machine washable reusable. Sizes XS->L in a variety of solids or patterns. Also available in additional patterns in packs of 3 diapers.

CuteBone Dog Diapers Female Reusable 3 Pack washable doggie diapers for female dogs Available in 13 gorgeous colors and patterns each pack contains 3 colors. Machine washable, Economical & environmentally friendly. Soft, comfortable & useful for untrained or incontinent dogs of all ages, females in heat. Sizes XS->L.

Pet Magasin Reusable Washable Dog Diapers (Pack of 3) are fashionable, soft, comfortable, machine washable with Velcro closures to adjust the fit. Very popular in packs of 3 and sizes XS->L in 3 different color sets. Eco-friendly and cheaper than disposables!


DOGGLES Goggles for Dogs! Protect your dog’s eyes from foreign objects, wind, and 100% UV light. Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses, flexible snug fitting frames, side air vents, and adjustable head and chin straps. For dogs who drive with heads out the window (not a good idea anyway guys), for the beach or hike, Doggles protect eyes from solar glare, sand and debris. Many, many colors and in sizes S -> L. Highly recommended for your cool canine to protect those puppy eyes we love.

DogBuddy Silicone Dog Food Mat keeps splashes and crumbs contained with a 0.6″ lip and bowls from slip sliding away. Comes in 3 colors and in sizes S (19″ x 12″), L (24 x 16) or XXL (32 x 24),. Roll it up for storage or travel. Hand wash or dishwasher safe.