This is a lonely time for many of us, but we are never alone when we have our pets. Be happy, your pet loves you. 
 COVID-19 is a human virus and there is NO EVIDENCE of direct transmission from pets to people. Pets, including cats, do not play a role in transmission to pet owners. However, cats may become sick after contact with an infected person. A study published in Science found that ferrets and cats are susceptible to illness caused by the virus, but dogs, chickens, pigs and ducks are not vulnerable.

Veterinary associations around the world advise cat owners who may have been exposed to COVID-19, have symptoms or test positive with the virus should keep their cats indoors and restrict contact just as they would with other people. Other friends or family should take care of the cat’s needs until the pet owner is fully recovered. Wash hands (for 20 seconds with soap and hot water) before and after touching pets as well as food and water bowls.

 WALK YOUR DOG AT LEAST ONCE OR TWICE A DAY UNTIL YOU ARE BOTH TIRED! We all need fresh air. Put on your mask or walk in places or times of day when there are less folks outside. Offer to walk an elderly neighbor’s dog (keep your social distance and use your own leash as a precaution).

PLAY WITH YOUR PET INDOORS! Play relieves stress and anxiety for pet parents and pets alike. Try a game of laser pointer with your cat, order a soft ball to throw or roll indoors for your dog. Have fun!