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Fashion’s Talk Pom Pom Balls Furry Rattle Ball for Cats is a plush ball that makes a rattle sound. Soft and furry 1.5-2″. Available in a 6 pack or 12 pack of assorted colors. Nice size, pretty colors. Discard if cat chews on it as a precaution.

Cat Dancer 101 Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy is so simple you’ll wish you’d thought of it yourself. Spring steel wire and rolled cardboard create an irresistible lure for cats and great fun for cat lovers. Classic interactive cat toy. Play with your cat!

Rainbow Cat Charmer is an interactive cat toy designed to charm and not harm. With a polycarbonate wand and very colorful fabric, Stimulates exercise and is a safe interactive toy for kittens of all ages. Made in the USA.

SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys features three 4″ long mice (including tail) packed with catnip. SmartyKat products are principally made from recycled, reclaimed, renewable and certified organic materials. Remove and discard if your cat starts to chew on them, especially the tail.

Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy features 3 stacks of ball tracks. Each level contains its own durable ball within a closed circle track. Get your cat interested by spinning the moving balls. Highly rated cat toy, but many cats will get bored after a while so put it away and periodically reintroduce it.

Pet Craft Supply Magic Mewnicorn Multi Cat Tunnel One large 4-foot tunnel and four connected smaller tunnels, are perfect for hide-and-seek and playing chase. Folds down small in seconds and stays compact with added ties.

Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy features 3 tunnels, built-in crinkle crackle paper, peephole & rattle ball toy tear-resistant polyester wrapped around a sprung-steel frame with protective ends. With a provided elastic band, our tunnel folds down small in seconds for easy travel and storage. Each tunnel section is about 10″ tall and 17″ deep. Your choice of 13 colors! Cats of all ages and small doggies, too.

Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Toy for Cats is an 8-piece ball track circuit with alternating high and low sections. Great for low light play, the illuminated ball lights up and zips around inside the track. More stimulating than other circular tracks.

Purrfect Feline Collapsible 4-Way Cat Tunnel features crackle paper, a ball toy, 4 connected tunnels and a peephole for hide and seek play.
Collapses to 2″ for easy travel or storage. Steel frame and tear-resistant polyester. Offered in 3 sizes and 3 colors. 

Pet Zone Safari Friends Play-N-Squeak Cat Toys (3 Pack Collection) features an electronic sound module that makes a realistic mouse squeak when your cat bats it. Catnip filled for indoor prey and not harmful to wildlife! Battery Included.

Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy includes catnip, a spinning ball and scratch pad for hours of non-stop fun. Non-skid feet protect floors and prevent slipping. The central scratch surface is replaceable (2 pack), for cats who like to scratch horizontal surfaces and like cardboard scratching surface.

Petstages Purr Pillow Cat Toy is touch activated to make a purring sound (2 min.). Pet parents report it is not a true purr sound and it does not vibrate. Some cats and kittens liked it but others were uninterested or repelled. Removable purr mechanism to wash. Very soft and cuddly, may be more popular with kittens or younger cats.

HIPIPET 21 Piece Assorted Interactive Cat Toys with Tunnel is a great bundle of 21 cat toys: Cat teaser wand, tunnel, fish, feather toys, fluffy mouse, crinkle balls, toys with bells. Nice assortment and value for lots of entertainment. Rotate toys to keep their novelty.

Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack 20 Pieces is another popular assortment of bells of various types some with bells. Catnip filled toys, toy mice with feather tails…cats have individual preferences for what turns them on, so there’s something to appeal for most kitties. If your cat chews on any of them, remove and discard. No tunnel included in this set.

MIBOTE 28 Pcs Assorted Cat Toys with Play Tunel and Storage Bag includes tunnel, catnip fish, feather teaser wand, fluffly mouse, mice balls, bell and mylar balls. Nice bundle with variety of toys.

Go Cat Cat Catcher Teaser Wand with Mouse Cat Toy is a ‘glitter wand’ with wire line and dangling fur covered mouse toy (3″ including tail). Most cats love it (some ignored it), but some strong rough kitties shredded the fur fast. Inspect toy for wire sticking out just in case. The toy can be replaced with another clip on toy although the manufacturer has no mouse replacements yet.

SmartyKat Fish Friends Crinkle and Catnip Cat Toys. Pack of 3 toys has feathers, is stuffed with catnip and crinkles during play. All these elements are attractive to cats of all ages. Each measures about 1.5″ long. Nice basic toy. Discard if your kitty starts to chew on them, of course.

MeoHui 11PCS Retractable Cat Feather Toy Set has 2 wands and 9 feather attachments. The feather part will get shredded (especially with adult cats) and is replaced with an easy clip on attachment. It is not retractable as described. The wands will break too, but cats usually love this type of toy!

Yeowww! Catnip Toy is 7″ and the purrfect size for grabbing and bunnykicking. Stuffed with organically-grown catnip and made with a durable natural cotton fabric. Made in the USA!!!


M JJYPET Interactive Cat Toy Rechargeable 3 in 1 Red Dot Laser is a single hand held laser pointer with on/off switch. Recharges with USB (no batteries). Can be used as a laser pointer for cats to chase in low light, LED flashlight, or UV detector for pet stains. Well rated by most buyers if you just want a simple interactive toy. Great interactive toy.

FYNIGO Interactive USB Rechargeable Cat Laser Toy with Toy Mouse has 4 red patterns in addition to the red dot, can be used as mini flashlight or UV light. Takes 1.5 hrs to recharge in any USB device (the other laser pointers shown here do this too). The toy mouse is sisal rope wrapped with feather tail. Great for interactive play in low light.

Light Chaser Toy for Cats and Dogs (2 Pack) Each stainless steel laser pointers has 7 different light modes (colors, patterns) and portable USB charging. Includes a UV light to help spot urine stains (oops! it happens), and also a bright LED flashlight. Great for play indoors in low light and for owners who have mobility issues (like most of the toys shown here). Lifetime warranty & 60 day money back guarantee. We like this one: it has more settings and you get 2 so you can leave one for convenient use wherever you hang out with your cat (rather than wondering where you put just one!). 

petnf Cat Laser Toy Laser Ball Interactive Cat Toy with Three Play Modes (slow, fast, random) sits in its base and rotates 360°. The ball can also be removed for hand held interactive play or rolled on the ground. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included) for up to 8-10 hrs play time. Nice high ratings compared to other tower type laser toys.

Mora Pets Cat Laser Treat Dispenser Interactive Cat Toy features spinning teaser toy, laser light, and treat dispenser
with 10 minutes auto off. Requires two AA batteries (not included). Can be used without filling it with kibble or treats. Some cats may not notice the laser point beam when it spins too fast (although other cats further away may!).


BlackHole Litter Mat Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy for Cats (4 pcs) includes 4 uniquely colored swimming robot fish toys, built in LED lights and 8 extra LR44 batteries. Colors may vary. Bowl is NOT included. Some buyers noted dead batteries or cats just not engaged. Fish will ‘swim’ faster in smaller bowls. Place towel under bowl because IF your cat likes it water will splash. Ratings varied widely, but your cat may like it at least for a while.

HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy is a battery powered toy that crawls along your floor like a bug. Some cats love it, others ignore it. Some owners report it got lost or stuck under their furniture or toppled over. But if your cat likes it you can get more than one or place it on a cookie sheet or in a cardboard box to keep it contained.


Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats with three difficulty levels Inner chambers create levels with nooks & crannies where treats, dry food kibble, toys can hide adding to the challenge! Made of cardboard.

Catit Senses 2.0 Digger Interactive Toy for Cats Hide kibble. treats or toys (do something different every day, or put the toy away and bring it out once/week) in hand washable tubes stimulate your cat’s instincts. Features 3 short narrow tubes; 2 long wider tubes; base and rubber mat.