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Civilized Pet Tip: Always measure your dog’s chest girth and length, then check the product size charts for the best fit. Consider safety; leash your dog especially if wearing dark colored costumes at night. Make sure nothing fits too tightly or is so loose that your dog trips on it or cannot see where he’s going. Not every article will be a perfect fit; tailoring may be necessary.

ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket. The patented design applies gentle pressure to help calm slightly anxious dogs due to a variety of environmental triggers like fireworks and thunder. Reflective logos for safer nighttime walks. Discuss serious levels of anxiety with your veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist. Sizes XXS -> XXL in pink or gray. Also in green.

ThunderShirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket in cozy gray comes in sizes XXS -> XXL. The Thundershirt has been studied by Dr. Temple Grandin and other leading behavior scientists who found that it can be effective in calm many dog with milder forms of anxiety. Backed by the company’s 100% money back guarantee within 45 days of purchase.

ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket in sizes XXS -> XXL in pink, blue, red and camo/orange. The patented calming jacket should fit snugly to promote security in dogs who are stressed or afraid, although help from veterinarians or veterinary behaviorists may be required. Guaranteed to help your dog or return for full refund within 45 days.

KINGMAS 4 Pack Polo Shirts for Dogs. A great deal for 4 polo shirts. Great if you have a herd of chihuahuas, a litter of puppies, or just want to have lots of changes for a dog of any size to keep warm and look sharp. Sizes XS->XL go up a size, it’s cut slim. Happy colors, happy dog.

Scheppend Original Adidog Hoodie Sweatshirt & Sweat Pants. In 10 fabulous colors and every size (XXS->9XL) this is a must have for any dog on casual Friday or your kids’ soccer games…anywhere anytime. Dog hoodie and very soft inside. Hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry.

NFL Official Dog T-Shirt. Officially approved & Licensed by the NFL & the TEAM, made in poly-cotton with satin trim. It’s machine wash on cold/delicate, line dry, do not iron. Sizes XS->XL in 32 teams. What a great gift for Father’s Day or any day to celebrate your favorite team!

MLB Pet Apparel Licensed Baseball Jerseys & More for Dogs. T-Shirts, Dugout Jackets, Jerseys, and Hoodie Tee’s in all 30 MLB Teams and in 7 sizes. Machine washable (cold delicate), line dry, do not iron. Go crazy have a tail-wagging party!!!

Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Officially Licensed Major League Baseball Polo Shirt fits snugly to calm mildly stressed dogs, but here with your favorite baseball team’s logo to make you happy, too. In sizes S, M, L for your brave little sports fan.

NBA PET APPAREL Officially Licensed Hoodies & T-Shirts for Dogs available in 25 NBA Basketball Teams and in 5 sizes. Poly-mesh and satin for comfort and style; machine wash on cold/delicate, line dry, do not iron.

Fitwarm Palm Leaf Pet Clothes for Dog T Shirts In sizes XXS->L for a good comfy fit at your next luau! There are other Hawaiian shirts out there for dogs, but this one is best rated for comfort and fit.

Parisian Pet Clothes for Dogs come in over 80 cotton machine washable styles (XXS->3XL). Choose from the Lifeguard and 5 more, or make your own security team with these (FBI, Sheriff, Bitches Rule, Police K9…).

Tooth & Honey Large Dog Clothing. Made to fit big deep chested dogs. Even big macho dogs need a t-shirt for post op recovery or during an illness to feel cozy. Pamper your dog in this washable t-shirt!

Koneseve Plaid Dog Shirt comes in Blue, Red and Green and made of a soft washable cotton. It fastens easily with snaps. Perfect for cool days. So many sizes from XXS to 7XL!

Drooling Dog Plaid Shirt for Small Dogs. Made of polyester fabric, this comfy shirt is offered in a nice color variety of checks and plaids from which to choose. In 6 sizes for dogs under 20lbs only.

BBEART Pet Clothes Plaid Flannel Shirt for Dogs in a soft cotton fabric, this shirt features snaps and a stylish faux leather pocket. Available in red, blue and green patterns. Comes in sizes XS->XL.

OSPet Dog Denim Hoodie Jacket Jumpsuit. Machine washable jersey hoodie and denim overalls, seriously sexy. Material covers the back, chest and legs but tummy is open so it won’t get wet in XS->XXL.